Hello all, another card today for you that was in the create and craft show.This card has been made using the NIGHT MASQUERADE stamp set.I love, love, love, this set it is one that allows you to really go for it and do a bold striking card or you can go for something subtle ……bet you can’t guess which I went for lol. The card has a couple of techniques on it that I need to explain. Firstly I have used versamark and stamp and bond to create the glitter black background this is tricky and you do have to heat the stamp and bond and throw the glitter on quick or it won’t work my top tip is be prepared have everything to hand beforehand  and don’t overheat. The second is the microbeads this I saw done a couple of weeks ago by Sue Wilson of Spellbinders fame and I love it I want to microbead everything so I apologise now as I will be using this again and again lol .Sue is an Inspiration to us all, and we all take ideas from various places, and people. I feel there is nothing wrong with that so long as we do not claim those ideas to be our own .I now will try to explain how to do this hope I do it justice….. you need double-sided adhesive sheets and  micro beads both of which I purchased from create and craft. I stamped the flourish in black versafine ink onto the pink card,I then took the adhesive sheet and peeled back one side and applied it over the stamped card then I took off the backing from the adhesive sheet and covered  it in micro beads. I pressed the beads into the sheet and brushed away the few extra beads that remained and the backing card is complete.The mask was done in exactly the same way.Easy really but effective. Please give this a go it’s so new and so fresh and I am sure like me you will fall in love with this one.Thanks for the inspiration Sue. xxxx The last thing I need to explain is the flowers. I am sure many of you already know how this has been done but if you don’t it is simple I have used a die here but you can cut these by hand it is a circle that has been cut into a spiral I have stamped this with the flourish stamp and black ink and damped the card and folded it over and coiled it to form the flowers. I like to create my own flowers as I can make them match any project and it’s cheaper than buying them.I do of course still buy them as I love bought flowers as well lol .The flourish on the side of the mask is a  die and of course the feathers are back again as you all now know it is a small obsession of ours………please let us know if you are buying feathers now lol it really is catching it’s something about the floaty light quality of them lol .



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