This card was such fun to make I just went crazy with my distress inks and embossing powders and the NIGHT MASQUERADE STAMP SET.I love the Tim Holts style but I do like things to look pretty,so this is my attempt at being arty lol.

I have used a light craft card to create the card and as the background for my inked layers, the distress ink pads I have used are peeled paint,dried marigold,scattered straw and weathered wood.The embossing powder was a soft gold colour.The basic effect has been created in the usual way using cut and dry and swirling the ink onto the card in a random manner.I then took a spray bottle you can use one especially ment for crafters but mine is an old spray from a leave in hair conditioner lol,  I find it works really well for this technique as the spray is not to fine and it creates nice blobs of water on the paper, but a word of caution do not wet the paper too much, and use some kitchen roll to soak up the blobs before they buckle the paper to much.It also has the added effect of lifting some of the colour off .I then dried the paper with my heat gun and then used an anti-static bag and stamped the flourishes from the set in versamark ink and embossed it using my soft gold embossing powder.

I created the different colours in the backgrounds by using more of the weathered wood and peeled paint in the darker one and more of the dried marigold and scattered straw in the other .The flowers were created in the same way as was the mask to bring out the detail in the mask I rubbed black ink gently over it to finish it off as I found it just made the small detail areas pop but I needed the light background to show through the embossing if that makes sense lol. I loved doing this card it took a little time but not as much as you may think and I think the effect was worth it.That’s what I love about butterfly kisses stamps they can be used to create so many different looks  (look back at the last post and see the same stamp set used in a very different way) ,hope that you can see how inspired we get and how easy it is for us to keep coming up with new ideas I as some of you may now be discovering like craft products that work hard for me if I can’t think of at least four ways to use a stamp I won’t buy it and I do not have any fancy equipment the most expensive thing I have ever purchased was my bigshot but I do use that all the time. I would say I wouldn’t buy cheap just buy wisely and make your products work for you.So think before you buy and buy things that are versatile.

Well hope you are all enjoying your weekend I have been looking for a new fridge freezer,without much success, finally found one I liked and it was out of stock story of my life lol. hope you are having a better time than me lol.Hope to spend tomorrow creating so many ideas so little time  hope the ideas work out better than the search for a new fridge freezer.All for now



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