Hi everyone hope you are all enjoying the weekend I am here hard at work doing samples,Yesterday I was trying out a couple of  ideas I  had with the masquerade stamp set … went really well the other, well lets just say my bin is a little fuller now lol.I just wanted to share this as I think sometimes we are afraid to try things out incase it goes wrong but this is how we learn, my card may have ended up in the bin but now I know where the idea worked and where I went wrong so I can now move forward and next time try to correct my mistakes and make a great card that will end up on the blog instead of in the bin.Don’t be afraid to get it wrong it teaches us what is right .

Well now on to the card this is a really simple card as I thought if you were going to make a lot you would want it to be quite simple.All the detail comes from quick processes that have big impact the embossing folder which I am sorry is not very clear in this photo but it is a fancy leaf design and the punched detail which is a stampin up punch and the heat embossing all done in a soft gold embossing powder. I have also used some star-dust stickles glitter glue to show off the detail on the mask added flowers and cream pearl brads,the greeting is a peel off , the swirls/flourishes are a punch I got from  a show ages ago I have chopped it about to make it look different I tend to do this a lot I have a rule when buying if I can’t think of at least 3 uses for a product I won’t buy it no matter how much I love it ,the second rule is what would I use it for ……if I cannot think of a use or I have one similar then I don’t get it .Having said all this my craft room is stuffed full of stuff so I must break my rule occasionally lol or there is so many products out there that are so unique lol. No I have a serious paper addiction and I confess to getting papers out looking at then even stroking them and then putting them back in the cupboard as I can’t bear to use them ……..yes I know it’s very sad  and as my craft room is upstairs I am surprised that the whole lot has not ended up in the kitchen below  as it must way an absolute ton ……..and I still  buy more so we all have some weakness paper is mine ……would love to hear from anyone out their what their weakness is crafting or otherwise  anyway on that note I am going to go and rescue my dinner before it burns back soon with more craft and nonsense HUGS AS ALWAYS ALISON,KATH AND LOUISE XXXXXXXX



  1. Hi Louise, well this one definitely didn’t go wrong! It is stunning! Sumptuous sums it up I reckon! Had to chuckle at your rule of three for buying things, you must have better will power than me! Can’t say I always have three reasons when I buy! I love stamps, and I too have a major weakness for papers! I am terrible, I buy them, then will not use them cos they are too lovely to chop into! I have be known to buy another duplicate that I can then use…….. Yep, I too, am so sad!
    Hope your dinner made it!
    Take care
    Hugs n lots of love
    Debs xxx

  2. hi debs thanks once again always a pleasure to read your comments …..yes the dinner was just about ok ….well lets say we ate it anyway sure it was more about hunger than it being nice lol and glad to know you are as mad about paper as me lol take care lou xxxx

    • Hi Lou, must admit I sometimes carry on with card things instead of getting dinner ready, which does not usually go down well, for some reason I have yet to fathom!! By the way, did you ever find the site where you got that union jack flag template? I’ve had no luck!
      Take care Debs xxxx

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